4 List Of Women’s Offline Games List. Must Try!

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Female Offline Games- Nowadays playing online games has become commonplace for almost everyone. Whether male or female, of course, everyone is very fond of playing online games. In this era of technology, of course, there are many types of online games on the internet that are very easy to play.

However, in writing this article, we will share several types of online and offline games that are prioritized for women to play. Even so, the boys are still able to play it. It’s just that the games that we will share below have a fairly feminine theme and prefer women.

Girls Offline Games
1. Candy Crush Soda Saga

girls offline games

This female offline game has been around for a long time and is now popular judi slot online. This has been proven because this game has 100 million downloads on the Playstore and Appstore. Although this game looks simple and very simple. However, this game offers a lot of fun in it.

For how to play this game, players only need to save the fruit that is in the game bar. Although the way to play and the theme of this game looks like an online slot game . In fact this game is not prohibited by the government and also does not use real money or money to play it.

2. Diner Dash Adventures

girls offline games

For the second order of this female offline game. We recommend a game called Diner Dash Adventures. Of course we have reasons why we recommend this one game. That’s because this game offers a cooking theme that matches the name of the game and in our opinion this female offline game is the most suitable for women to play.

Basically this female offline game also teaches players to manage a restaurant and where later the player will be asked to serve customers and make food from the restaurant to sell. For how to play it is fairly easy. Because later players will be given a tutorial first at the beginning of wanting to play the game.

3. The Sims Mobile

girls offline games

Basically, the sims can be played for all genders. But because this one game brings the theme of life simulation for the players. We think it will be very suitable if we add it to the list of recommendations for women’s offline games. Moreover, this one game is also very popular. Maybe some of you already know about this game.

Just like human life in general. The player will later be asked to take care of a very important personal life. Start from work. Take care of pets if the player wants to keep them. Married and able to have children. And much more. Because that’s the way to play. Of course, it would be very suitable if the women played this one game.

4. Plants Vs Zombies 2

girls offline games

Well, for the last order for women’s offline games, there are plants vs zombies, guys. Although initially this one game can only be played through several devices such as laptops and PCs. But now the developer of the game has created Plants Vs Zombie Mobile. By bringing the same theme and there are few updates which are certainly very interesting.

We think this one game is very suitable to be played by all genders and all ages. Because indeed how to play this game is quite easy. You just need to protect the house you live in from zombie attacks. To protect your home later you will be able to buy various weapons made from plants. Sounds very interesting right?

Now. Maybe that’s all we can share in writing this article, guys. Hopefully what we have conveyed in this article can give you all new benefits and insights, of course. Thank you for reading this article. See you again in the next article, warm greetings to all.