5 Ways To Play Online Slots Deposit Credit On The Jekpot88 Site

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After we discuss the advantages of the online credit deposit slot gambling site at Jekpot88, this time it is time for our discussion about how to register an account to get the sensation of playing credit deposit online slots on the Jekpot88 site.
We will do our best and improve our service so that every player can enjoy Five star comfort on our Site.

How To Play Online Slots Deposit Credit On The Jekpot88 Site
Register an Account on the Jekpot88 Site
First, enter the Jekpot88 link, then press the REGISTER button now.
After that, a registration form will appear which you must fill in correctly and correctly according to your personal data for the sake of mutual smoothness.
After you fill out the form, double-check the personal data that you have filled in.
If you are sure and correct, then press the SEND button to apply for account creation.
If the submission is successful, then you can login using the User ID and Password that you got.
However, if the submission fails, then make improvements by filling out your account form again. Repeat the process until your application is successful and processed.
Transfer Credit to the Number
Given Congratulations you have successfully created an account on the slot online site.
Login using the userid, enter the registered password, and enter the verification code written on your screen.
After successfully logging in, select the DEPOSIT menu so that you can play the credit deposit slot on the Jekpot88 site.
At that time a DEPOSIT form will also appear consisting of the Origin Account, Deposit Destination Account, Amount, and Notes.
Make sure this Original Account is the same as the XL/Telkomsel provider number that you use to play credit deposit online slots.
After that, the destination account is selected according to the provider you have.
After that, send credit to the number written there.
Remember, you must first send credit, then confirm the Credit Deposit form.
Confirmation of the Credit Deposit Slot Form
If you have reached this stage, it means that the credit you sent has arrived at the deposit destination number.
If you haven’t entered, then you must contact customer service via the 7x24hour live chat feature available on the main page of the website to make sure the credit you sent has arrived or not with the correct nominal.
After that press the CONFIRM DEPOSIT button so that CS 24 Hours Jekpot88 can process your deposit as soon as possible so you can play the credit deposit slot quickly before the sensational time changes again.

Contact Livechat 24 Hours
To speed up the deposit process, please contact livechat 24 hours via livechat in the lower right corner or via whatsapp.
In just three seconds your balance will be filled according to the amount of credit you sent to the destination number on the credit deposit form.
Play Slots Online at the Best Providers An
account has been formed, the balance has been filled, and you can already play the game on the official slot site.
It’s time for you to play slot games without these settings, and try to play according to your feelings, not what other people say.
We also provide a support team who can provide a little information about the online credit deposit slot that is on fire at Jekpot88 to increase your winnings on our site. Make sure you play on the best gambling sites that really give you genuine wins without any frills.