Gates Of Olympus Pragmatic Play 2022 Slot Guide

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Currently, there are many people who are looking for leaks to play the gates of Olympus slot which is gacor and powerful to be able to win the jackpot in playing online slot gambling which is preferred by online gambling lovers. For that, on this occasion, Mimin will share a leak on how to play the Gates of Olympus slot which has been proven to be corrupt and will give you big profits up to the biggest online slot jackpot bonus.

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How To Win The Jackpot Playing Slots Gates Of Olympus
Gates of Olympus is a mainstay slot game from the Pragmatic Play provider. This game has an RTP rate of 95.50% so it will give you a win by multiplying up to thousands of times the value of the bet you place.

The theme of this online slot game displays the symbol of the greatness of Olympus. In the lobby slot gates of Olympus displays the god Zeus with a slot that has a reel of 5 × 6 with 20 pay lines where the symbol that stops spinning will be paid according to the multiplication of the symbol

Symbols that come out with a minimum of 8 of the same symbol will be paid according to the value of the symbol multiplied by the value of the bet you place and the winnings you will get in the form of coins. Wins in the free spins bonus will also be given to players after the round is complete and the total wins generated in the free spins round will be accumulated from all the wins in each round.

When you play the Gates of Olympus slot, to be able to enter the free spins and jackpot rounds you must be able to get 4 scatter symbols. In that round you will also get 15 free spins that allow you to get multiplied up to 500x of the total win in each spin.

Here are 2 tips for playing the Gates of Olympus slot that you can use to get a big jackpot, namely:

Play Only With Spin Button.
When you press the spin button and place the bet you want, there is a possibility that if you are very lucky you will be able to get 4 scatter symbols and also get a bonus of 15 free spins so you also have the opportunity to win a real money online jackpot.
Purchase the Free Spins Feature.
By buying the free spins feature which is worth 100x the value of the basic bet you place, you will have a greater chance of winning the biggest jackpot and you can buy this feature instantly if you have sufficient balance. To be able to purchase this feature, I suggest that you do not place a bet value that is too large at the beginning of the game so that you can buy the free spins feature which will give you a very large profit.
We recommend that you play in a single round several times until the round gets a win of at least 3x the value of the basic bet you place, and after that it is the right time for you to buy the free spins feature.
That is the way that many professional players use to get the jackpot when playing the Gates of Olympus slot and it is proven to be able to give you a very large profit with the luck you have. Hopefully useful and greetings jackpot! 😊