How to Play and Tricks to Win the Latest Online Baccarat

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Before discussing the online Baccarat game more deeply, of course, you all know that now the era has become more modern. So through the internet you can search and find anything you want easily and quickly using a smartphone. And according to surveys, currently the most and most sought after thing by most people in the internet world is gambling games.

Yes, of course, everyone also knows that gambling is one of the easiest ways for someone to earn more income besides working. So through the internet, people can play gambling games online very easily and absolutely safely.

And baccarat is one of the most popular types of gambling games and is often played by many people. Then for those of you who ask what and how do you play the game of baccarat? see more below.

A Complete Guide to How to Play Baccarat Online for Beginners

Baccarat is a playing card gambling game that actually does not need to think long and only relies on luck alone. The game of baccarat begins by using 8 decks (sets) of playing cards that are shuffled at random. Usually this baccarat gambling game can be played from 1 to 8 players at one table and will be broadcast live (live).

In this baccarat game there are several types of bets such as player, banker, Ppair, Bpair, tie / draw and fortune six. And after the player places a bet, the card will be distributed by a female dealer openly to the position of the player and banker with 2 cards each.

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Baccarat Card Value

The highest card value in this baccarat gambling game is the number 9 (Qiu) and the lowest is the number 0 (zero). Cards with a value/image of 10, Jack, Queen and King are considered as cards with a value of 0 (zero). And cards with a value of tens or tens will be reduced by 10 or 20.

Third Card

In the online baccarat game there is a third card rule, which will be used if each of the two cards dealt has not won. The third card rule applies if:

If there are 2 player cards, the value is:

0 to 5, using the third card
6 to 7, no third card

If 2 banker cards, the value is:

0 to 2, using the third card

3 to 6, depending on the player’s third card

7, do not add card

Note: cards 8 and 9 can be said to be pure wins

Pairs (Bankers & Players)

There are 2 types of Pairs that you can also play in online baccarat games, namely Player Pair (PPair) and Banker Pair (BPair). Pair in the sense that the value of the two cards in each position is the same. For example, the banker gets a 7-7 card and the player gets a 5-6 card, so if you win if you place a Player Pair bet.

Pair does not apply to the combination of the third card. For example, if you get a card with a value of 7-5-7, where there is a fixed pair it does not count.

Fortune Six

Maybe there are still many online baccarat lovers who are still confused / don’t know how to calculate payments on Fortune Six bets on sbobet. As the name implies, you play by guessing the total value of the final card obtained by the banker with either 2 or 3 cards. And the sum of the cards must get a value of 6, if it doesn’t amount to 6 then the fortune six bet will be declared lost.

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Payments in this game can be quite profitable for players if the Banker position manages to get a total of 6. The following is the calculation of bet payments in the Fortune Six game type:

20:1 = Win with a total of three cards totaling 6 points.
12:1 = Win with a total of two cards totaling 6 points.


In the online baccarat game there is also a TIE option which means draw, where the banker and player positions have the same value. And for the calculation of the Tie/Draw bet victory, of course you will also get a big win. By the amount of your bet will be multiplied by 8 (eight).