Information About Neobank Money Making Application

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Neobank- Of course nowadays it will be very useful if we have an application that can make money using only a smartphone and a little help from an internet connection. Now. In writing this article, we will share 1 application recommendation that is very multipurpose and of course can make money, namely Neobank.

Currently, Neobank is one of the most popular money-making applications in Indonesia. Because this one application has already gotten more than 10 million downloads, especially on the Google Playstore. Various reviews and responses from users of the application are also very positive. Before we tell how to register or how to get money from the application. Well you see the explanation below first.

What Is Neobank?

Have you ever heard the name of the application before? If not. We will briefly explain what the uses and benefits of the application are. Actually neobank situs slot online terpercaya is not an application that is solely for making money. However, the application can also be used for saving. Because basically the application is a digital bank.

Most of the users of the application were initially customers from the bank (BNC). Of course, customers used the application to help with all their financial activities. For example, such as saving, withdrawing funds, transfers, and it can also be to invest. As we said at the beginning. This application is indeed multipurpose.

Advantages Of Using Neobank

After the explanation above. Of course, you must have concluded that there will be many advantages and benefits that can be obtained from using this neobank application. One of the advantages is When you just want to create an account from the application. You will immediately be given a balance of 18900 Rupiah which goes directly to your account.

Moreover, you can also enjoy virtual funds of 10 million rupiah and later the interest from the virtual funds will be able to be used for 7 days. In addition, you will also be given an additional 1.8% interest from your savings. At first your interest is only 6& but after adding the 1.8% interest your interest will be 7%.

Not only that. In the neobank application you can also play slot games where later in the slot game you can get lots of prizes. In the form of cash, discount coupons, all the prizes in the slot game certainly vary, guys. And the slot game from the application is called neo fortune.

One more guys. Make sure you log into the application every day. Because every week the application holds a lottery of 10 million rupiah. Of course, everyone who uses the application has a chance to win it. Now. Maybe that’s all for the first time, guys, discussing the advantages of using the application.

How To Register Neobank

For those of you who are interested in using the application. Below we will share several ways to register yourself in the application. We recommend that you read the explanation of how to register in the application until the end! So that you don’t miss important information to get many benefits from the neobank application.

To register, of course, you must have the application. If it is already. You can open it right away. On the home page of neobank. You are immediately greeted with a list menu. Click the list menu. Read the terms and conditions for registration. After that you are required to create a password.

However, to create a password from the application you are required to make it with several combinations of numbers and letters. Now. Those are some ways to register neobank guys. Thank you for reading this article. I hope everything I say can be useful for you in the future. Enjoy the benefits of the application. Good luck!!!